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Provide foreign exchange platform services, development, white label services
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Mobile Trading

•Excellent trading system
•Superior customer extension policy
•3 billion+ user groups
•Low cost and high profit

Options Trading Platform

According to the price trend to buy up and down to obtain income transactions
We are a professional foreign exchange trading system service provider

Comprehensive, efficient, safe and stable

Provide the world's leading, safe and stable foreign exchange trading system services

Dedicated BGP server, financial cloud deployment to carry millions of customers

Global deployment

Server rooms are located in the Mainland, Hong Kong, Asia Pacific, Southeast Asia, etc.

Continuous Integration

Automate the editing, testing, packaging, and publishing processes of applications.

A key installation

Quickly complete the deployment of application clusters through mirroring or source code.

Elastic expansion

Follow business changes, apply load balancing, and flexibly expand hardware and software resources.

performance monitoring

Application data distribution collection, centralized management, visual icons and intelligent analysis.


5-300G DDoS elastic protection capability, server security hosting and other functions.

Connect with international private line data and top liquidity service providers

We provide you with an international data line transmission channel, 24-hour uninterrupted quotation information, 250+ tradable varieties, optical fiber transmission; Fix clearing bridge efficiently bridges the world's 15 top liquidity, efficient clearing, and transfer transaction risks.

Trading system supporting functions for the widest range of needs

Plug and play, support function customization development

Transaction front-end function package

Trading language and variety settings

Open simulated trading function

Rich trading tool support

EA Intelligent Trading

Customer Online Deposit and Withdrawal

Online Documentary System

Online Trading Office

System wind control function matching

Clearing Bridge (Fix Bridge)

Customized Risk Control Plug-in

International Private Line Data Service

Forex short-term trading plugin

System background management function

CRM customer management system

Comprehensive agent rebate system

Report query system

Fund settlement system

Risk monitoring and hedging

Email, SMS reminder

Fund management channel

Bonus system and activities

Only 1 account is needed to realize the interoperability of 8 major transaction terminals

Computer, App, WeChat and other full platform support

One-stop full service, let you worry-free!

Set up a company

Set up a company

· Overseas company registration

· Financial license application

· Financial training and consulting

· Provide one-stop white label solution

Website management

Website management

· Financial website

· content management interface is intuitive and simple

· supports multiple languages

· Search engine optimization compatible

· Help system service and upgrades

System build and upgrade

System build and upgrade

· Payment processing system

· Provide third-party payment interface

· Anti-refund fraud protection system

· Comprehensive Billing System for Deposit Channels

Platform support

Platform support

· Support web version, computer version software

· Support mobile version, tablet PC and iPad

· Support Android, iOS dual system

Liquidity hedge

Liquidity hedge

· Connect with international first-class liquidity providers

· Can connect with multiple liquidity providers at the same time

· Has a FIX clearing bridge

· Combined position monitoring and manual hedging

Customer management

Customer management

· Customer relationship management integration and background management system

· Perfect partner system

· Multi-level agency rebate system

· Customer level overview

risk management

risk management

· Comprehensive risk management preparation

· Quotation connectivity and stabilization measures

· Real-time monitoring of transaction management systems

· Profit maximization techniques and pricing policy

reporting tool

Set up a company

· Close Position Report

· Deposit and Withdrawal Transaction Summary

· Profit Report

· Daily Commission Report

· Automatic Email Alerts

mobile trading

In 2013, the first domestic mobile transaction system (mobile transaction + WeChat) was born in Asia Chengguo Tech. In 2019, One-stop independently developed the mobile trading + Facebook system to serve the global trading market. The mobile trading system conducts transactions based on WeChat and Facebook public service accounts, and seamlessly connects to the exchange (broker) market. There is no need to download and install apps. You only need to pay attention to the service account to conduct financial derivatives transactions such as foreign exchange, precious metals, futures, and stock indices. Small transactions.

new mode

Follow WeChat or Facebook account to register and make transactions

serving the market

Small investment and large number of customers are convenient for cultivating high-quality customers for the market

extension artifact

WeChat/Facebook "one-click sharing" QR code promotion to achieve viral spread

Micro-operation micro-threshold

1 minute to learn, simple interface "0" activation condition, small investment

Micro risk big energy

Implement monitoring, deal with 3 billion mobile users in a timely manner, and seize market opportunities

Multiple transaction types

Support different trading types such as conventional foreign exchange, put options, spread options, etc.

A must-have "Tuoke artifact", customers all over the world

For 3 billion+ potential mobile traders

1.1 billion WeChat users
2.3 billion Facebook users
Low threshold for small transactions
No download required, easy to operate
Spontaneous "viral marketing" for you to achieve rapid customer expansion

Based on WeChat/Facebook promotion and sharing, rebates are made according to performance and level


Share profit orders, earn "sharing gold", increase transaction order volume and platform activity


Deposit to give bonus, when the conditions for the bonus to be turned into reality are met, the agent can get additional rewards

Multi-platform support, account information synchronization

Plug and play, support function customization development


PC-side trading client

PC Membership Management System


Open an account online

trade anytime

Mobile APP

Apple version trading client

Android version trading client

WeChat terminal

WeChat account opening

WeChat transaction

Multi-mode support to meet a wider range of needs

A mobile trading system supports distributed services, can support tens of thousands of customers online at the same time, supports market making, membership, listing, matching, bidding, OTC, hybrid and other transaction modes, and short-term transaction mode is optional. The combination of trading methods makes the advantages of the one-stop mobile trading system more obvious. Enterprises only need a public service account or Facebook account to add the new mode of short-term trading to the mobile trading system.

One-stop full service, let you worry-free!
Business advantage

Simple operation, rich trading varieties, suitable for any investment class;

Support self-service account opening and multiple fund channels

○ Stable quotation data ○ Multiple funding channels

Operational advantage

With a comprehensive agency rebate marketing system and one-click sharing and recommending customer functions,

It is a must-have "explorer artifact" for exchanges

○ Rapid development channels ○ Efficient market promotion

Performance advantage

Running on Linux system, supporting millions of people online at the same time,

Continuous and stable processing of 10,000 transactions per second

○ Satisfy millions of users ○ Efficient execution of orders

Deployment advantages

One-click deployment, active/standby server dual deployment; "mirror" backup,

Automatically switch when encountering problems

○ Financial cloud server ○ Financial cloud deployment

maintenance advantages

The authority of operation and maintenance personnel is managed hierarchically, and automatic text messages,

Email notification to operation and maintenance personnel

○ Background management by roles ○ Strong function expansion

Risk control advantage

Risk control automation, data charting, and system status are clear at a glance;

Encrypted transmission and storage of key information

○ Comprehensive risk control management ○ Multi-dimensional statistical reports

5 easy steps to build a mobile trading system

You are only one mobile trading system away from 3 billion

Provide mobile trading trading rules

Open WeChat, Facebook Pay

One-stop professional team for you

Apply for a corporate WeChat public account

Construction of mobile trading system

Options Trading Platform

Option trading, that is, a transaction in which investors buy up and down trading varieties to obtain income based on their judgment on the trend of the trading varieties. Investors pay the option transaction fees according to the quotation of the trading platform. If the price trend of the trading product meets the expectations when it expires, the investor can obtain the corresponding income.

The options trading platform is an investment system with various trading modes, rich varieties, low starting point and simple entry, which is very popular in the financial investment market. Options trading is popular in Europe, America, the Middle East, Japan and other regions. At present, the Chinese market still has great market development potential.

Mature and stable operation experience

Featured Transaction Management Features

Adopt the flexible trading mechanism of "T+0" two-way operation, option settlement method, same-day delivery, automatic liquidation, low investment cost for investors.

Unique risk control function innovation

Overall risk control management configuration, real-time transaction monitoring, international dedicated line liquidity provider, and original institutional internal risk hedging system.

Easy to operate and promote

Support a variety of trading terminals, simple operation, good user experience, more popular with investors, greatly reducing the difficulty of market promotion.

As the world's top financial service provider, we look forward to your cooperation.

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